John Smith's Resume

John Smith John Smith John Smith

John Smith has been in the real estate industry over 25 years all of which have been spent with DFH Real Estate Ltd. John was also involved in the building industry for many years as a contract salesman, John was also a long time member of Victoria Home Builders Assoc. as a Director and Program Chairman.

His easy-going manner helps him remain flexible and helpful in all the complexities of a real estate transaction. This flexibility and his knowledge of the building trades has enabled John to help his clients in all facets of real estate, from residential to commercial, from condominiums to land assemblies.

The backbone of John's relationship with his clients is honesty. John offers his honest opinion in all circumstances and then "let the chips fall where they may". Far from casual, this attitude earns John the respect of his clients and the accurate communication essential in buying and selling real estate.

On the personal side, John has always trained and ridden horses. He was born in England and apprenticed as a jockey prior to becoming a steeplechase rider and continuing on to the "sport of kings", polo. As a polo pony trainer, John spent six years in Argentina, eventually settling on Vancouver Island where he is still an avid member of the Victoria Polo club. His travels have given John a well-rounded understanding of different cultures and Spanish as a second language.

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