Dear Megan,

I am writing to you in your capacity as Managing Broker for DFH Real Estate Ltd.

John Smith has been my Realtor for about 18 months, involved in the sale of a house in North Saanich and the purchase of a condominium in Sidney. His patience and understanding of my situation has been incredible. He recognised when I was heading towards difficulties and he guided me firmly but quietly to a better conclusion. I had to move to a rental in the midst of this period and although John knew it was too large for me, he also knew I had little choice, and he patiently waited for me to make the decision to purchase. I trusted him implicitly. He knew I was vulnerable and there would have been some who would have persuaded me to buy above my financial comfort level. They could have benefited financially but I would have been in difficulties.

No matter how often I called him he always answered with courtesy and humour. He suggested that I involve my daughter in the purchase and that will ultimately benefit both she and myself. A wise move on John's part.

He is a man of integrity and is of value to the DFH organisation. I hope he is recognised as such.

Yours sincerely
Barbara E. Harwood


Just a brief note to thank you for your assistance during my recent visit to Victoria. I really appreciate your availability, your patience in showing us as many homes as you did, and of course your humour(!).

Even though we didn't find the perfect single family home, we did see enough to make us feel good about the eventual offer at 60 Dallas. Today I learned that that deal will go through....and I couldn't be more thrilled. Best of all, my mother is very happy.

Thanks again,

Hi John,

I just wanted to tell you that this was the most fun I have ever had buying a house.

Thanks for both finding the perfect house in the perfect neighbourhood and for looking after me and my family after we moved to Victoria.

You're the best, John, and if anybody needs a reference, have them call me.

Doug Pringle

Dear John ,

There are no words that can amply express my sincere gratitude for all your help with the sale of 2700 Orchard. Your willingness to deliver the never ending paperwork and then your ability to explain our cumbersome system was very helpful. I don't know if I could have done this transaction so smoothly without you. You are the greatest! Please feel free to quote me on that!

- Ann Marie Patti
Tucson, Arizona